Concert Series 2024/2025  

Martin KNOPP


Musical Jewellry
Ludmila Santini - grand piano
Natali Santini - vocal

A premium programme with crystal clear soprano Natali Santini, which combines virtuosity with elegantly performed piano tones. The core of the repertoire consists of Ludmila Santini's own original compositions, as well as operatic arias, iconic film scores and her own unique arrangements of pop songs with a classical twist. The music, in a captivating performance, will highlight the uniqueness and charm of the whole evening, which turns into a perfect piece of art. Simply, Wow!

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Emotions Under The Stars
Ludmila Santini - stage piano
Natali Santini - vocal

A summer concert show with a classical touch, in which musical motives get to play with imaginations, emotions and fragile vulnerability. A set of powerfully captivating melodies that will appeal not only to pop fans, but also to seasoned rockers who will hear iconic hits sung in the style of sopranic ballads. For all those who want to be part of an extraordinary experience and are looking for interesting musical events.

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Dreams of Guardian Angels
Ludmila Santini - grand or stage piano
Natali Santini - vocal

You will hear popular Czech and foreign carols, songs with Christmas and winter topics and selected instrumental compositions that will light up the magical Christmas time. You will hear snowflakes falling in the glittering winter sun and also songs that will warm the hearts of listeners just like a crackling fireplace. At the end, we will sing a selected Christmas carol together.

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#christmas traditions


Unforgettable Experience 
Ludmila Santini - grand piano

Ludmila Santini, a visionary of romantic piano music, will present her latest original compositions. You will also hear her own original interpretations of world hits from Britney Spears, Roxette, Kate Bush, Richard Marx to Scorpions, U2, Sting, Phantom of the Opera and many more. Her ability to improvise adds an element of surprise and authenticity to her live performances, making each concert a one-of-a-kind experience. You will hear music that encourages listeners to develop their own intuition and embrace their inner self. Both virtuosic and touchingly personal!

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Piano Pop with the Elegance 
Ludmila Santini - grand or stage piano
Natali Santini - vocal

Don't miss out on contemporary world pop, whose interpretation by Natali Santini redefines the traditional perception of classical and popular songs. The musicality of classical music combined with the playfulness and experimentality of pop will appeal to you. Come and celebrate elegance, independence and the modern spirit.

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Martin Knopp, MSc.
Booking Agent/Artist Manager

Santini Music Agency
Jakobiho 325
109 00 Prague 10
EU - Czech Republic
Company Number: 71549188

We would be honored to be in great music spirits with you and your precious guests

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