Ludmila Santini

Award-winning pianist
composer, performing musician, songwriter and arranger

Ludmila Santini is a renowned Swedish modern composer and concert pianist with a partially Czech roots. 

In her childhood she was a child prodigy. She started playing the piano at the age of 4 and composed her first compositions even before she learned to read the music sheets.

At the age of 8 she started her first successful series of concert performances and as a child she participated in composers' competitions with adult composers. Since the early 90's, her musical compositions could be heard on various TV and radio stations.

She graduated from the Music Conservatory, majoring in piano. Her artistic signature style is characterised by a strong melodic line with jazz, pop and classical music intertwined.

Thanks to her quality as an author and performer, she has earned a high international reputation. In addition to her songs, she also writes instrumentals whose expressiveness alternates with calm romantic tones. She had been composing and performing for a long time in Sweden, where she made her mark on a wider audience with a successful tour in the local concert halls. 

In July 2001, she was awarded an honorable mention for her brilliant interpretation of "Sunset Moments" in the prestigious international John Lennon Songwriting Contest (New York, USA).

The Executive Committee of JLSC jury panel includes music legends and current megastars Flea (from The Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Nathan East (who has worked with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Eric Clapton, Andrea Bocelli and Kenny G. to name a few), singer Prince Royce and singer Natasha Bedingfield.

 In June 2003, under the patronage of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Stockholm, she released the instrumental album Forever, which she recorded together with Swedish saxophonist and the leader of the XL Big Band, Berndt Sjörgen

In October 2003, she won the 1st prize for virtuosity and originality at the MusicContest International Instrumental Competition in Golden (Colorado, USA) for her composition "You Are Always in My Heart" and has won numerous other music awards.

Ludmila Santini, a musical visionary, has given countless successful solo piano recitals and her concert tours have taken her to the stages of many European countries, where she has most often played entire concerts of her own compositions and songs.

The Swedish listeners will be familiar with Ludmila primarily from her concerts with saxophonist Viktor Cehlin and a the performer of her songs, singer Elin "Elly Eve" Svensson, founder of the prestigious vocal group GET UP Soul Choir. Since 2017, the group has accompanied singers like Eric Benét, Peter Jöback, Zara Larsson and Sanna Nielsen.

Ludmila performed with the renowned jazz saxophonist Tomáš Křemenák (known from his jazz projects with Michal David, Pavel Jakub Ryba & The Fish MenMilan Svoboda's Prague Bigband) on the Czech music scene.

These days she is intensively engaged in composing and arranging, recording in the studio and new projects with foreign musicians and performs live in concerts, both as a solo pianist and together with soprano Natali Santini.

She has a fan base of more than 22 000 followers on LinkedIn

"Beautiful music."
Steve Dunster - film composer
Whiteley, United Kingdom

" 'You Are Alway's In My Heart'.  Beautiful Composition!!!! Really nice."
Tony Liggens
Corona, California (USA)

"Absolutely beautiful compositions!"
Jarrod Neufeld
Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada)

" 'You Are Always In My Heart' is just beautiful, Ludmila!"
Bill Harris
Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)

"Love your music and 'passion'."
Wayne Wesley Johnson
Whitehouse Station, New Jersey (USA)

"Wonderful music and great picture!"
Thisbe Vos
Los Angeles, California (USA)

"I am in tears. Amazing!"
Riccardo Di Stefano - music/TV producer, composer
and orchestrator, founder of ARDIStudio
Los Angeles, California (USA)

"Beautiful music! Thank-You! :)"
Eclipse 6, Vocal Group
Sandy, Utah (USA)

" 'Forever' gorgeous piano and sax Ludmila. So much talent. Much success with my best wishes from LA."
Dr. Francis Charles Brunicardi - chief of general surgery
at UCLA Medical Center
Santa Monica, California (USA)  

"The dialogues of both instruments are on the borderline between jazz and musical romanticism, but they have a calm and relaxing character. The compositions evoke the mood of the meditative recordings of the overseas Windham Hill label."
Pavel Víšek - music reviewer of "Forever" album
Rock & Pop Magazine, Prague (Czech Republic)


  1. Guarrantee of brilliant artistic performance (renowned concert pianist with classical music training)
  2. A fresh and innovative approach to modern piano music (JLSC Global Music Award Honoree)
  3. Memorable "classical-crossover" performance with Chopin's dynamics (her own signature style)
  4. Artistic collaboration of authors and performers with outstanding European saxophonists, pop and R&B singers
  5. Has toured internationally - countless concerts throughout Europe

Ludmila is based in Prague (Czech Republic). She performs as a concert soloist or with sopranist Natali Santini. 

Both artists are represented by Martin Knopp, MSc. from Santini Music Agency:

"Beautiful music, all the best!"
Marcus Hernandez - musical director of Orchestra Fuego
Land O' Lakes, Florida (USA)

"Your playing and crossover style is amazing! Keep up the excellent work!"
Erik-Peter Mortensen - film composer and conductor 
New York City, New York (USA)

"Fantastic music - thank you so much."
Harald Cura
Nürnberg, Germany 

"Lovely music that paints lovely pictures in my mind. Taking me back to past memories. Wonderful. True Art."
Jan Schnell
Odense, Denmark

"Beautiful sound.. so relaxing."
Vittorio Gerlini
Chuo City, Japan

"I loved the softness of its adaptation in the classic 'Toxic' by Britney Spears."
Francisco D.J. Moraes
Fortaleza, Brasil

"Wow!! Love 'Forever' !!!!!!!!"
Joyce Spencer
Rowlett, Texas (USA)

" 'Forever' is simply lovely!"
Kelesha Martin
Stockton, California (USA)

"Very nice atmosphere!"
Ruud de Vries
Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Listening to your beautiful Music, I became a Fan ! Greetins, Josie."
Josie Bernales 
Hennef, Germany

"Awesome music Ludmila, best wishes <3."
Marios Papalexis 
Athens, Greece

" 'Hope' is beautifully done."
Ruth Buettner 
Pittsville, Wisconsin (USA)

" 'Forever' is so beautiful!"
Adri-Anne Ralph
Orange, California (USA)

"Pretty great - fine music!!"
Wolfgang Harm 
Hamburg, Germany

"Absolutely stunning beautiful music, you are a fantastic composer with an amazing talent, really outstanding performances!"
Robert Steven Hunt
Earley, United Kingdom 

"Three Cheers to 'Somna'! Ear-delightful would be an understatement."
George Warholak 
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (USA)

"Beautiful music and talent Ludmila!"
Jeff Parks
Napavine, Washington (USA)

"What a marvellous music, Ludmila! Keep making magic with your songs :)"
Alan Bay
Marisol, Argentina

"Lovely, lovely music from a beautiful soul!"
Janni Littlepage
Monterey, California (USA)

"Beautiful music, Ludmila. Congratulations!!
Jon Luna - composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer
Madrid, Spain  

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