Natali Santini

classical-crossover singer

Natali Santini is a striking talent of the upcoming generation that is consistently forging her own artistic path.

She was born in Sweden and comes from a musical family. Her grandmother was a jazz singer and her mother is a classically trained concert pianist. At the age of 7 Natali began interpreting her favourite songs in such an emotive style that all her relatives noticed her talent.

A year later, when she started taking lessons with the leading opera singer Lenka Šmídová, a long-time soloist of the National Theatre Opera in Prague, she had already attracted the attention of many professional musicians and leading music producers from all over the world. 

Natali has been publicly performing as a solo singer since the age of 14.

She can captivate the listener with the natural beauty of her voice and the wide range of emotions she puts into her performances.

In her exceptional vocal expression you will hear both pop and opera elements. She handles them with natural ease and excellent intonation even in the most technically demanding vocal positions.

She excels at her remarkable ability to communicate with her audience, creating an intense musical experience for them.

Together with Ludmila Santini, they performed, among other things, during the celebrations of the the
10. anniversary of the Czech Society of International Law at the baroque castle in Liblice.

At the invitation of the president of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and president of the Unity of Czech Lawyers, JUDr. Pavel Rychetský, they performed in the Vratislav Hall of the Collegiate Chapter of Sts. Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad (Prague, Czech Republic). 

Both also performed at the Prague Castle together with leading opera soloists from the National Theatre in Prague.

Since 2023 Natali has continued her classical singing studies with Lucie Kaňková, a highly accomplished opera soloist/first soprano of the prestigious opera houses "Opéra Royal de Wallonie-Liège", Ensemble Vocal de Genève & Orchestra Lancy and Opernspiele Munot, who is currently successfully performing not only on these international stages.

Natali performs her repertoire mainly in English, but she also sings in Swedish, Czech and Italian.

She presents her performances in English and Czech.

When she's not performing on concert stages or recording in a music studio, she is mainly engaged in her own illustration art.

"Fantastic voice Natali! I wish you a shining future!"
Alex Nicolli
Rovereto, Italy

"One word about your voice Natali - Amazing!"
Steven Buckner
Los Angeles, California (USA)

"Truly outstanding singing voice and awesome songs Natali. You are a very gifted and talented young artist, keep up the wonderful work, you have an awesome future a head of you!"
Robert Steven Hunt
Earley, United Kingdom

"Beautiful voice!"
Erik-Peter Mortensen - film composer and conductor 
New York City, New York (USA)

"You are amazing!"
Andreea Runceanu - violinist of Amadeus, one of the most appreciated electric quartets worldwide  
Bucharest, Romania

"Stunning voice Natali. "Nessun Dorma" a favorite performed with so much talent. Much success with best wishes from LA."
Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi - chief of general surgery at UCLA Medical Center
Santa Monica, California (USA)


  1. Talented, classically trained soprano with natural beauty of her voice
  2. Stunning vocal performance bringing emotion and grace
  3. Brilliant "classical crossover" style with piano accompaniment that can thrill audiences of all ages
  4. Can sing a wide range of music from opera arias to metal ballads
  5. She was invited to perform by the President of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, the Honorary President of the Notary Chamber of the Czech Republic and the President of the Czech Society for International Law

Based in Prague (Czech Republic) and available for international and national bookings. Natali is represented by Martin Knopp from Santini Music Agency:

"Grandissima interpretazione."
Massimo Ghianda - music producer and composer
Milan, Italy

"A real star in the making. Recommended listening. Wow!"
Malcolm F. Hill
Berkhamsted, United Kingdom

"You sing like an angel with soul. Beautiful!"
Larry Whitler
Ocala, Florida (USA)

"Nessun Dorma! BRAVISSIMA ! GRANDE !"
Davide Petrocca
Stuttgart, Germany 

"You definitely have a very wonderful voice young lady, blending very well with the nice music, well done. Much success to you in your music endeavors."
Les Buchanan
Crown Point, Indiana (USA)

"Amazing voice!"
Eva Ilios
Athens, Greece

"Wonderful performances, astonishing vocals - love your pop song covers and your classical ones. Excellence."
Fernando Garcin
Valencia, Spain

"Very nice vocals!"
Madi White
Berthoud, Colorado (USA)

"Really beautiful voice, Natali! Best Wishes. Miriam"
Miriam Risan
Tjodalyng, Norway

"O Mio Babbino Caro" Great Job Natali!!"
Tony Liggens
Corona, California (USA)

"Wow. Love your voice ;)))"
Baptiste Saunier
Paris, France

Max Forzan
Beverly Hills, California (USA)

"Nice heartfelt passion in "Blood Sweat and Tears and She's All I Wanna Be." Great work, Natali!"
Bill Harris
Charlotte, North Carolina (USA)  

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